Tech Innovation Circle

How digital is print?

Three technologies that offer immense potential for media production will be presented at the Tech Innovation Circle 2022.

This year, following its annual general meeting, the f:mp media production association is inviting guests to the "Tech Innovation Circle" at LSD in Düsseldorf.

What role does print play in the modern digital media revolution? What will the brochure of the future look like? Can print be metaverse? It has long since ceased to be a question of defending one medium against the other or even replacing it. Rather, it is about expanding the mindset in the direction of multichannel publishing. To position print in today’s media environment and enrich it with added value, a combination with tech innovations not only makes sense, but is also demonstrably effective.

Look forward to exciting presentations around innovation factors such as NFT, blockchain and augmented reality, which are changing the present and future of media production.

f:mp Tech Innovation Circle