Medienprodukt Stars of the Galaxy

When science fiction becomes reality

In the “Stars of the Galaxy” exhibition, we add a new, interactive dimension to galactic worlds and bring Jedis to life.

For 10 years, the “Stars of the Galaxy” exhibition in the center of Mönchengladbach has been thrilling fans from all over Germany. Now, a new highlight awaits visitors: galactic augmented reality experiences at many showcases and exhibits.

Virtual content supplements the exhibits with the help of the free app “snoopstar” and brings exciting new worlds to life. For example, imperial fighters suddenly move through the icy landscape.

The elaborate technology in the museum at Berliner Platz was funded by the “Neustart Kultur” program. The project was implemented by the experience designers and 3D specialists from LSD.

Museum Stars of the Galaxy

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Video: AR at Stars of the Galaxy

Video: Augmented Reality in the Stars of the Galaxy exhibition