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snoopstar at Mintel’s European Roadshow

At Mintel’s European roadshow, snoopstar proves that augmented reality is capable of reconnecting consumers and brands. AR is a real-time information courier. And it’s much more! It’s the bridge between the analog and digital world, between offline and online, that opens up completely new dimensions of interaction and communication. As a kind of “animatrice social” it provides direct contact with the environment and things. This promises not only unheard-of, vivid experiences, but also new – and emotional – bonds.

We invite visitors to step into augmented reality live at our snoopstar booth. Discover how AR opens windows on our mobile displays to the really relevant information. Scan (i.e. “snoop”) objects with your smartphone camera and experience how brands and companies succeed, for example, in expanding customer “journeys” by bringing products to life with virtual elements such as moving images, animations, 3D, video and audio clips. Immerse yourself in a beautiful new world.

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