effie Germany Award

From handout to experience: snoopstar and ALDI SÜD win an Effie

For 40 years, the Effie has been the proof of performance for successful marketing and for the contribution of communication to sales. With its approach of only awarding prizes for demonstrably effective marketing, the Effie occupies a special position among the industry’s awards.

All the more reason for us to be delighted to receive the renowned trophy!

The digital expansion of the ALDI SÜD handout, the bridging from offline to online, the added value of print and the demonstrable, significant impact on sales impressed the jury.

170,000 unique users in the first 6 months alone, 1.3 million deep interactions with the snoopable products, an average dwell time of over 2.5 minutes and 50% retention rate have not only created a whole new user experience – the handout’s attractiveness has also been boosted by 19% and sales performance increased.

Effie Germany