Digital Annual Reception at iD-CIRCLE

At our location iD-CIRCLE, the Digital Annual SME Reception of the BVMW – Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft e. V. – took place for the first time. The topic: “Gaining TRUST – and preventing becoming distrustful”.

More than 500 SME entrepreneurs listened to an exciting keynote speech by trust consultant Jan Ditgen as well as a talk with Susanne Bielen and Georg Wilms. The two senior mayors Dr. Stephan Keller (Düsseldorf) and Felix Heinrichs (Mönchengladbach) and four mayors from the Heinsberg district were also actively involved.

In the future, room renting at our location will be available to all industrial companies that want to go a professional route. The iD-CIRCLE is a unique network of resident companies – and offers rooms that you can book for your events.


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